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-Discovery of work incorporating badly made bricks, tiles or lime and bad workmanship in the laying of the same and the use of “Crasyer” of “Samuel” (insufficiently burned) bricks or tiles;

- Discovery of laths “not of good sufficient and lawful heart”;

-And enforcement of the requirement that “everyone of the Company that maketh any chimneys shall cut and hew the chamfletts 2 ½ inches square and also will workmanly and cleanly joint and finish all such work”.

-Finally of course it was the duty of the Company to compel reparation for breaches of these Ordinances and impose fines and to present defaulters to the Justices of the Queens bench the fines being collected being shared as to one half for the company and one half for the “Commonwealth”.

The originals of these three documents, the Elizabethan Charter, the Grant of Arms and the Ordinances of 1570 have not been in the Company’s possession for many years and are presumably lost to the company for ever, although the circumstances and date of their loss are unknown. Bearing in mind that the Company has a fairly complete set of records from this time forward, the loss is difficult to account for, but as they are of such importance the explanation may be that they were kept in what was regarded as a safer place than the rest of the Company’s records, which was one that turned out to be not safe after all. Fortunately the City Corporation has copies of the Charted and Ordinances, and the College of Arms has, not a copy of the Grant, but a note of its contents. The Charters of 1605 (inpeximus only) and 1685 (annulled) are similarly lost, although the City Corporation has copies. The Supplementary Ordinances of 1722 and the Supplementary Charter of 1938 alone of this important series of documents alone remain in the Company’s possession.