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“Elizabeth by the Grace of God Queen of England France and Ireland Defender of the Faithe etc To all to whom these present letters shall come greeting KNOW ye that we of our special grace have granted to our beloved lieges Thomas Spencer, John Cawver, Thomas Bradley, Walter Cowper, William Swainson, Senior, Henry Mallorye, James Lysbye, John Tull, Roger Gathorne, Henry Davison and all the other free men of the mistery of art of the Tilers and Bricklayers of our city of London and the suburbs of the same,

1 That they shall be one perpetual corporate society of one master and two keepers or wardens and the Society of free man of the same mistery or art of Tilers and Bricklayers of London.

2 And we appoint Thomas Spencer as first and new master and John Cawver and Thomas Bradley as First and new keepers or Wardens of the same society

3 And that tey and their successors shall be called by the name of “the Master and Keepers or Wardens and Society of the freemen of the mistery of art of the Tilers and Bricklayers of London.

4 And that they may have a common seal.

5 And that they every year on the day of St Laurence the martyr may choose and make from themselves one master and two keepers or wardens to oversee, rule and govern the mistery of art and society.

6 And that such society shall be able and capable in law to acquire in fee and perpetuity lands to the value of fifty pounds per annum and to hold the same in aid of the support of poor men and women, brothers and sisters of the society and mistery and art aforesaid for ever the statute concerning not puttings lands to mortmain or any other statute notwithstanding.

7 And further we have granted that the same master and keepers of wardens and society from time to time may and shall be able lawfully and with aforesaid, who for the time being shall be or of any other of the more honest and more sufficient men of the mistery of art aforesaid whom the same master shall depute to this in his place from time to time, And that they may be able to correct and amend defaults in the same mistery or art if any be found, according to their sane discretions as for the greater utility of the commonality of our people may seem more apt and convenient to do Commanding all sheriffs, mayors, bailiffs, constables and other our officers, ministers and subjects whatsoever that to the same master keepers or wardens and society aforesaid they shall be aiding , assisting and comforting in all things.

In Witness whereof we have cause these letters patent to be made, Witness myself the third day of August in the tenth year of our reign (1568)

By writ of privy seal and of the date aforesaid by Authority of Parliament, Lutley (Lord Chancellor)