The Mistress hosted a visit to Chelsea Physic Garden on Thursday 1st June 2017. Whilst principally a Ladies Event, a small number of gentlemen also attended including the Master.

The garden was originally established in 1673 by the Apothecaries Company to train apprentices in the identification and use of medicinal plants. Prior to the construction of the Thames embankment, the garden was on the banks of the river so that it could be approached by barge.

The group met to be shown around the garden by a knowledgeable guide on what turned out to be a very hot day. The variety of exotic plants tucked away in this well known part of London was a sight to behold. Many of the plants look quite strange and some are toxic. Conversely many are very beautiful.

Following the guided tour, the group sat down for a very pleasant lunch in the garden marquee. The Mistress thanked everyone for supporting the visit, which had been a clear success.