The annual carol service was held on 15th  December  at St Margaret's Lothbury. The service commenced with the Master, Upper Warden  and Renter Warden, entering the filled church in their magnificent gowns, showing off all the splendour of the Company on this joyous occasion.

Once again the service was a mixture of congregational carols and music sung by the choir, with the traditional readings by members of the Company. The music for the service was wonderful as always with excellent singing from the Lothbury Singers and delightful playing by Honorary Freeman Richard Townend. The service was taken by our Honorary Chaplain, The Reverend John Cook, whose sermon was thought provoking and uplifting and the atmosphere created by the flowers and lighting added to the wondrous scene; a most glorious way to begin the festive period.

Afterwards, we walked to the City University Club, where we were welcomed with a glass of wine, or fruit juice and were well looked after by the City University Club staff members who continually circulated, replenishing drinks and serving hot and cold canapés. There was a lot of mingling and chatting and everyone took the opportunity to wish friends for the Christmas and New Year.

As the evening drew to its close The Master, David Szymanski, took a few moments to inform us that he was looking forward to a relaxing and well earned break in Australia over the festive period, before thanking everyone for their attendance.

A very happy evening, which was much enjoyed by all who attended.