The Master, Wardens and the Court Assistants invited the Liverymen of the Company to attend Common Hall at Bakers’ Hall on 9th February 2017. The Master opened Common Hall with the Company prayer, followed by apologies for absence.

The Chairman of the Finance Committee, Court Assistant Simon Martin, reported on the state of the Company's finances. We were pleased to learn that the Company’s financial position is improving and continues to make a small operating surplus each year. The Company was valued at over £1 million (including the Charities) as at September 2015. It was noted that the Charities make donations of £24K in a typical year, but that the number of Liverymen making contributions was decreasing year on year. This needed to be addressed. Court Assistant Simon Martin also brought the Livery up to date with financial information relating to the current financial year. Several questions were posed and answered, relating to the Company’s accounts.

The Master followed with his report, highlighting the events of the year so far and outlining planned events for the forthcoming months. The Christmas Carol Service and Supper had been very successful as had the Supper for new Members. The Master drew attention to the forthcoming Livery Speakers’ event and the Craft Awards Luncheon. There would be a charity cycle race as well later in the year. More details of all the events will be supplied nearer the time.

The new Court Assistants, Dr Christine Rigden and Mr Christopher Causer were welcomed.

The Master invited questions from the floor and they were answered and acknowledged by the top table and appropriate Court Assistants.

 The Master closed the meeting of Common Hall.

Liverymen retired to a wonderful champagne reception, followed by dinner with delicious food and plentiful wine, after which all Liverymen were invited to join the Master for a Stirrup Cup.

Common Hall and the Livery Dinner was, as always, a very sociable and enjoyable evening.