Incorporating the ‘Paul Harris Trophy’ – the Individual Competition for Tylers and Bricklayers; and the ‘Three Clerks Trophy’ Team Inter Livery Event. 

Well what a fantastic day we had this year; a mini heat wave descended upon us but some light cloud cover made it all very bearable!

For once we had the promise of over 30 golfers from no less than 7 different Livery Companies; so the Tylers and Bricklayers were joined by teams from the Builders Merchants, Carmen, Masons, Paviors and Constructors and a lone member of the Makers of Playing Cards (whose input turned out to be very important).

After a full English breakfast (and I do mean full!) and several cups of coffee; battle commenced on the first tee and I can only speak for myself in saying that my 4 ball was the epitome of good etiquette and wonderful company; (I have to say this because it was made up of the Master, Mr Tom Rider, the Upper Warden, Mr David Szymanski and Court Assistant, Mr Simon Martin along with Yours Truly.

The Three Clerks Trophy was keenly contested; this competition was the ‘brainchild’ of the 3 Clerks from the Paviors (John White) the Constructors (Tim Nicholson) and the Tylers and Bricklayers own (Barry Blumsom) back in 2005, when it was first played for.  Since then it has been held every year at our golf day with the Constructors winning it on no less than 8 occasions and the Tylers and Bricklayers being triumphant on 3.

The staff of Hever Castle looked after us all really well and we sat down to a convivial and well-earned meal followed by the presentation of prizes by the Master, Mr Tom Rider.

It is a real pleasure to have a new name on the trophy this year: Mr Tony Johnson has been supporting our day for years by bringing a team from the Masons’ Company so it was with great delight that the Master presented the trophy to the Masons (whose team included the one member of the Makers of Playing Cards, Mr Adrian Maurice) As Tony Johnson and Adrian Maurice were 1st and 2nd in the individual scores it is no surprise that their team was victorious.

The 3 Clerks Trophy – Previous Winners

2005   Constructors   Lamberhurst Golf Club

2006   Constructors   Lamberhurst Golf Club

2007   Tylers and Bricklayers   Warley Park Golf Club

2008   Constructors   Bush Hill Park Golf Club

2009   Constructors   Knole Park Golf Club

2010   Tylers and Bricklayers   Enfield Golf Club

2011   Constructors   Knole Park Golf Club

2012   Constructors   Muswell Hill Golf Club

2013   Constructors   Lamberhurst Golf Club

2014   Constructors   Warley Park Golf Club

2015   Tylers and Bricklayers   Verulam Golf Club

2016   Masons   Hever Castle Golf Club

The prestigious ‘Paul Harris Trophy’ has been contested since 1984 and a list of previous winners has been attached.  I am afraid that this year’s recipient was a certain Barry Blumsom who had the pleasure of receiving the trophy from the Master.

The Paul Harris Trophy - Previous Winners


J B F Mathews





J B F Mathews





J B F Mathews and P R Harris OBE


J B F Mathews





J B F Mathews





R S G Scott





J B F Mathews





R S G Scott





A J Jackson





J B F Mathews





P R Harris OBE





R S G Scott





A T B Rider





G J Bateman





P R Harris OBE





P R Harris OBE





C W T Dickin





B L Blumsom





B L Blumsom





M J S Gee





J H Wilson-Wright




M J S Gee





B L Blumsom





B L Blumsom





B L Blumsom





M J S Gee





M J S Gee





M J S Gee





D J Szymanski





B L Blumsom





B L Blumsom




All in all the day was enjoyed by all who attended; but for 4 Tylers and Bricklayers there was even more golf to come.  David Szymanski, Mike Gee, Steve Trott and Barry Blumsom stayed overnight in the area in order to attend the Carmen’s Golf Day the very next day at the nearby Cuddington Golf Club in Surrey.

Our team of 4 were playing in two different team competitions: the Carmen’s Cup and the Fanmakers’ Cup (both Inter Livery Competitions) plus there was an Individual Competition. We had an excellent day and performed really well as team and individually (with the heat wave continuing) by coming in joint 3rd place in the Carmen’s Cup and finishing 2nd in the Fanmaker’s Cup; but our Master-Elect, David Szymanski topped the lot by winning the Individual Competition on the day with a wonderful display of golf (what a difference a day makes!!!)

We all look forward to your support in 2017.