On Friday 11th March 2016 The Master, The Upper Warden, Our Learned Clerk and a number of Liverymen with partners and guests attended the United Guilds Service at St. Pauls Cathedral.

Liverymen will know that St. Pauls is a magnificent building, which takes on additional splendor when a service is being conducted. In many ways the building comes to life with a wonderful personality of its own.

The United Guilds Service is attended by all Livery Companies and Guilds in the City, along with various City dignitaries including the Bishop of London and the Lord Mayor. It was first held in 1943, as a means of lifting City spirits after the Blitz during the Second World War. It has since been an annual event, and this was service number seventy four 

As one would expect the service was very formal, but the pre and post gatherings are an ideal opportunity to catch up and chat with many friends in an informal atmosphere 

The service included a number of hymns, anthems, prayers and lessons, but the highlight was a sermon delivered by The Bishop of London. The Bishop, The Right Reverend and Right Honorable Richard Chartres KCVO, is a wonderful speaker. He is a very imposing man who has great presence with a beautifully deep speaking voice. He gave his views and pointers on how to be a good human being. He views were very thought provoking, to the point, and indeed humorous.

After the service, the T&B’s joined The Carpenters, The Builders Merchants, The Gardeners, The Joiners and Ceilers, and The Entrepreneurs at Carpenters Hall for a splendid lunch.

Tickets for this event are always limited but I would recommend the occasion to all T&B Liveryman. A wonderful event!