At the kind invitation of the Royal School of Military Engineering The Master, wardens and the Learned Clerk accompanied by an intrepid group of 18 other Liverymen and guests attended Brompton Barracks for our second bricklaying event with the Royal Engineers.

On arrival we were met by Major Craig Cudlipp who gave a most informative presentation of the role of the RSME within the Corps of Engineers and the wider role played by the Royal Engineers both within and outside the military environment. The competitors then changed into protective clothing for a briefing before beginning the task of constructing a nine course high brick wall with a projecting centrepiece.

After some frenetic bricklaying the group were provided with a guided tour of the Museum and then had an excellent buffet lunch in the Museum Medal Room before the competitors returned to the fray. With the bricklaying task completed the group embarked on a tour of the HQ Mess whilst the Honorary Judge, Gerard Lynch, presided over the completed pieces. The Mess tour was particularly memorable for the collection of Terence Cuneo paintings with their signature mice

Following careful deliberation David Williams and Charles Collins were declared winners and can be seen pictured with their prizes and mentor Cpl. Scott Longbottom. Chris Causer and Simon Martin with their mentor Steve Trott received the highly coveted Best Endeavour Award!

A highly successful visit was made possible by the superb hosting of Capt. Alex Martyniuk and S.Sgt. Paul Booth and the patience and humour shown by our RSME mentors Cpl. Scott Longbottom and Cpl. ‘Jonno’ Johnson. All were doubtless relieved to return to an environment where their charges do as asked at the first request.

Finally thanks are due to David White for the administration of the event, Gerard Lynch for the onerous task of judging and George Clark and David Fensom for designing the task. Thanks also to our Livery mentors Emma Simpson, Peter Lynch, Steve Trott, David White and David Fensom.