What started many years ago with just a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie has now become one of the most looked-forward to events in the Company’s calendar.  It is, of course, the get-together at the City University Club, immediately following the Annual Carol Service at St. Margaret, Lothbury.

Located at 50 Cornhill, the City University Club is just a short walk from Lothbury.  The Annual Carol Service was, as usual, very well attended and a significant number of the congregation then made their way to the top floor of the City University Club.

A welcoming glass of wine, or fruit juice, and the opportunity to mingle with friends makes this an evening that for many starts the Christmas holiday period.  The room was large enough to comfortably accommodate our party of Liverymen, Freemen and their guests.  There was lots of mingling and chatting and well-wishing for the coming Christmas and New Year break.

We were well looked after by the City University Club staff members who continually circulated, replenishing drinks and serving canapés. 

As the evening drew to its close The Master, Tom Rider, took a few moments to thank everyone for their attendance and, before wishing us a safe journey home, took the Clerk, John Brooks completely by surprise when he announced it was John’s birthday.  This was followed by a chorus of Happy Birthday and good wishes.  The Master then closed the evening, wishing us all a merry Christmas and happy, peaceful and prosperous 2016.