Following a Court Meeting on the 9th March 2015, The Master invited The Court, Liverymen, Freemen and their guests to a Livery Luncheon.

After a splendid Luncheon with delightful wines and port, The Master proposed the traditional Livery Toasts followed by a fulsome speech with humour and important information on the Livery. He then went on to propose the Toast to the health of our Guests.

Alderman and Sheriff Dr Andrew Parmley, Principal Guest, responded with generous comment of the Livery and its work, particularly in recognising the continuation of fostering the Traditional Crafts that compose the origins of the Worshipful Company of Tylers & Bricklayers.

The Junior Liveryman proposed the toast to the company and the good health of Master.

Following the Luncheon, the Craft Committee Chairman Jeff Fuller, spoke of the work of the Craft Committee and the excellent examples of outstanding craftsmanship they had witnessed in their judging process. He then invited the Principal Guest to the present the 2015 Awards.

The E&R Fuller Award for Bricklaying

2nd Year; Presented to Thomas Sinfield of Leicester College.

1st Year; Presented to Tom Dixon of Hull College.


The Mason Elliott Award for Roof Slating & Tiling

Presented to; Kyle Friendship of Cornwall College St Austell.


The Montgomery Award for Floor & Wall Tiling

Presented to; Armondas Tamulis of Southern Regional college Northern Ireland.


The Stokes Royal Engineers Awards

Best Class 1 Bricklayer 2014-15; Sapper Dhiraj Rai.

Best Class 2 Bricklayer for 2014-15; Sapper Terrie Cooper.


The Royal Engineers Army Cadet Force (London) Awards

Adult Volunteer of the Year: Sgt Instructor Chris Sullivan.

Cadet of the Year: Cadet Sgt Rajan Gopalji.


A Special Award

Following these formal awards, Jeff Fuller made special mention of Sean Sullivan, Roof Slating & Tiling Tutor from Cornwall College St Austell in recognition of this being the third consecutive occasion that one of his students had been the winner of the Mason Elliott Award.


All of the award winners received warm and rapturous applause on their achievements.