I was brought up in Tunbridge Wells, and my father worked for, and later helped run, the family building business in the town. After reading Engineering at Exeter University I worked for Engineering Consultants and Building Contractors before studying for a further year at Imperial College.

Highlights of my working life included two years at Dinorwig Power Station near Snowdon, (the pumped storage station buried deep under the old Dinorwig quarry), two years spent bridge building in Kenya where we were completing the last section of surfaced road running around Mount Kenya at 5,000ft, to allow all weather access to the coffee groves, hotel projects in Muscat with temperatures beyond 400 C, and the reconstruction of Grand Buildings in Trafalgar Square, opposite the National Gallery and on top of underground lines, using large quantities of genuine Bath and Portland stone cladding. More recently, I have worked on Social Housing in Hounslow and Morden, altogether less glamorous, but probably more worthwhile.

I was admitted to the Livery in 2010, following the good offices of Past Master Dennis Munnery, and joined the Court in 2018. I have now retired to Eastbourne with my wife Nicolette and have been spending time walking, bathing, visiting the five children that we have between us, following up on family history, and of course attending events with the Tylers and Bricklayers.